Trios Intraoral Scanner

Using CAD/CAM technology, the scanner provides our dentists with a high quality digital impression. A prepared 3D image of the tooth is shown both in color and in real time on our computer screen. The need to retake impressions due to material set up complications is eliminated. And with excellent color-matching technology, the scanner selects the tooth shade, which results in a more accurate shade match. The scanned result is sent to our laboratory via secured online communication, reducing turnaround time. Equally important – the accuracy of the fit is greatly improved.

Patients appreciate the comfort of the scanner as well. Oftentimes, with trays filled with impression materials, patients may experience a gag reflex. This can occur when impression material touches the roof of the mouth. With a digital scanner this is no longer a concern.

It’s apparent that intraoral digital scanners are changing the future of taking dental impressions. We are pleased to offer this advanced technology to all of our patients.